We are looking for team members willing to serve God in Spain. Although it is a 3-week trip, we will try to make a long-lasting impact in Spain. After all, they are the ones that know better what is needed to reach their own country for Christ.

Therefore, we go as servants. But, how can we be effective servants in Spain? Well, it turns out that Spain is one of the countries in Europe with the lowest percentage of people who can communicate in English. There is a strong desire among Spanish young people to learn English. We can help them with that.

Using the A Beka English as a Second Language program, we can provide Spanish people with a tool to learn English effectively. Creating an immersion-style English atmosphere during summer camps or church outreach activities, our team can help with the first steps to learn English. By using Bible verses in English, our team can also present the Plan of Salvation and point young people to Christ.

If you speak English, you qualify!